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Surprise your Mother with a beautiful satchel this Mother’s Day February 26, 2013


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Get your mum a beautiful satchel today!

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Surprise her or him with a new satchel for St. Valentine’s ! February 6, 2013

St. Valentine’s is upon us already….where do the days go?

But, I am the bearer of good news.

If you are still recovering from the Christmas over-spending, but are nonetheless desperate to surprise your loved one with a beautiful St. Valentine’s gift, despair no more!

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Romance is still alive and well!

Wishing you all a very Happy St. Valentine’s Day


Retrosatchel Burgundy Patent Satchel – Perfect For Christmas November 13, 2012

The festive season is almost here.  With it comes the Christmas Colour Palette, all greens, golds and reds.

These can become a little tiresome in their brighter shades but do we (at have the answer for you!

You can be seasonal and elegant, seasonal and beautiful, seasonal and sophisticated with our new Patent Burgundy Satchel.

It is our most beautiful satchel yet!  You will never tire of its  deep, rich burgundy shade and will serve you faithfully for years to

come, may it Christmas, Easter, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall!

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The Satchel Ruminations – Entertaining the children….for free! November 8, 2012

I’m a satchel, an off-white, 14″ satchel, I live close to the City of Cambridge,
and this:”The Satchel Ruminations”, will be my contribution in the retrosatchels blog.

If you live in the UK you will know that we have just had our mid-term break and that made me think.

I know busy parents, are always looking for ways of entertaining their children.  Ways of entertaining them

that, a) do not involve the use of a purse or wallet  and b) do not involve the use of technology.

With the Christmas holidays already looming in the horizon, I have decided to dedicate a few ruminations to

providing a few entertaining solutions that do not cost and that can be enjoyed in the autumn/winter months,

so, wish me luck!

The first activity, which I carried out with child#5 (photos below), was blackberry picking and making a apple and blackberry crumble.

You will need:  1) a very bored child, 2) a basket or plastic container, 3) appropriate footwear for mud and 4)knowledge of where to find blackberry bushes,  and 5)preferably a beautiful, sunny day.

Now for the apple & blackberry crumble recipe (make this with child also):

200g plain flour, 100g butter in pieces, 100g sugar, 500g apples (peel,cored, sliced), picked blackberries(thoroughly washed), 1tsp cinnamon (optional), extra sugar and some water for fruit, squeeze of lemon (optional).

Mix flour and butter until coarse oatmeal consistency.

Add sugar and mix.

Place apples and blackberries in ovenproof dish, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar to taste add a little water and a squeeze of lemon, put 180˚ oven for 10 minutes or until fruit softened.

Cover with crumble topping.  Bake at 180˚ until golden and bubbling at the edges….and enjoy with ice cream or custard, yummy!

It is such a delight to cook and eat something that you have foraged the ingredients for, even if your child does not like fruit, believe me, they will eat something they have worked hard for!
Finished product: wishes you a good fireworks night! November 5, 2012

Tonight is Guy Fawkes’ night in the UK.  The night were the whole country’s skyline is lit up by beautiful firework

displays and huge bonfires.  A night for having fun and for rejoicing with family and friends.  And so that you will

rejoice a little more (if you are in the UK), and so that you will have something to rejoice about (if you are not in the UK),

at we have decided to let you on a little secret:  we are reactivating our 10% off code for this Xmas …

starting right now!  So, here it is, the code:  86N, go on and rejoice by bagging one of our satchels with a 10% discount!!

Happy Guy Fawkes Night!




Happy Halloween!

Hope you’ll all have a sweet ‘n scary night!!!


Retrosatchels now in Mayhem! October 30, 2012

Our favourite independent shop in Cambridge, UK, is now carrying retrosatchels.

Mayhem, based in Sidney Street, is the independent boutique where you will find

renowned national and international designer brands.  If you want something a little

bit special, if you want to escape the High Street shops, go to Mayhem!



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